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Bianca is a new member of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, and was very excited and enthusiastic when she heard about Summer University Project School, so she wanted to be part of it as a participant. Here are some of her thoughts and other participants as well.

Summer University Project School took place from 5th to 12th of March 2015 in Cluj-Napoca, the European Youth Capital this year,  it was described by the participants in one word: ”Awesome”. This event brought together 19 participants, trainers and organizers, who had a common purpose: to have a complete, realistic and rewarding experience of what it means to be a true AEGEEan. During the Summer University Project School (SUPS), organized in collaboration with SUCT and The Academy, all the participants got an idea of how to organize a perfect Summer University, in a funny and educational environment. During that week there were sessions on Event Management, Public Relations, Team Management, Risk Assesment, Crisis Management, Budgeting, Fundraising that prepares you with practical solutions for possible problems you might face during SU organisation, but also games and activities that made us know each other better and become good friends. It was the best intercultural experience.

According to Lia from AEGEE-Berlin, one of the participants, SUPS was an amazing experince. She was happy because she had learned a lot of things about how to organise the best Summer University, she developed new communication  skills that makes her a better person and visited a lot of beautiful places that inspired her. At the end of the event, Lia said ”this week spent in Cluj-Napoca will stay in my heart forever”.supsssssssss

Dmitry, from AEGEE-Moskva, said that he decided to come to  the Summer University Project School immediately after he was chosen as the Main Coordinator of their TSU: Transsiberian DREAM vol. 7. „ I didn’t had any experience in coordinating such big events. For me SUPS was one and almost the only way to learn how to organize and coordinate a big event. There were 19 participants from different european countries. Organisers have done a great job! Everything was on a very high level! Incredible trainers have done amazing sessions, case studies and games. They’ve worked day and night. I’ve never seen such energetic people! We, the participants had more then 7 hours of training everyday. But it wasn’t lectures or boring classes, it was interactive and using non-formal education. Such method of studying makes information easy to understand. And I was very surprised! For me it was really useful! In conclusion I want to say thanks to everyone who took part in SUPS! It was an awesome event which gave me many not only friends but also lots of useful and necessary skills and knowledge!”

Morover, for those who don’t have so much experiences in AEGEE and didn’t participated in other AEGEE events, SUPS was the best opportunity for entering into the AEGEE family. Kim from AEGEE-Chișinău said that „SUPS was my first international AEGEE event and it made me excited to be more active in AEGEE. The participants were very close friends and we are still in contact weeks later. The trainers were also great and we learned a lot of useful information about SU.”

Matteo from AEGEE-Cagliari told us that after SUPS he feel like a new person ”During seven days full of sessions, activities, ice breaking games and case studying, I feel like a new person. From the first day, the trainers were working hard to create the group and motive us to learn and understand how to manage a Summer University. Everything was developed in the European Youth Capital: Cluj-Napoca. The event was the perfect combination between a great location, awesome participants and experienced trainers. During the sessions I never felt tired or bored, I learned a lot of very usefull things, that now I’m using to promote and manage the Summer Univestity in Cagliari. One of the best experience of my life!”

All of them absolutely loved being in an environment full of people who are eager to learn and share their experiences. Anna from AEGEE-Warsaw said that: „The entire event was quite educative for me, one of the parts I gained the most from it is how to deal with the participants so they will follow the program while keeping them happy and not pressure them to do stuff. I also found the case studies very useful, especially in regard for the group dynamics. Overall, I feel lucky to have attended this event.”

SUPS2Most of them, were really impressed by Cluj-Napoca and the local organizers. They always answer to the participants requests and gave them the best conditions. Janely from AEGEE-Tartu told us that:” I absolutely loved the event, Cluj and romanian people stole my heart already in the Summer University last year. This event proved again how amazing the organizers in Cluj are! The training program covered everything that future Summer University organizer should know – from leadership to budget and everything in between. The trainers were not only experienced but they also knew how to share their knoweledge in most interesting and non-formal way. Also besides numerous workshops we could put things into practice with case studies and of course the amazing organization of the event in Cluj showed us how to organize a perfect event. Also all the things that we learned we can not only use during Summer University but also when organizing other events or in every day work in our antenna. I couldn’t be happier that I participated and I am so thankful for the organisers and trainers and participants for making this event so good that I feel so sad that it is over”.

At the end of the event all of them expressed that SUPS was the greatest opportunity to improve knowledge and to feel awesome. „I enjoyed every second spent with you guys, miss you already!” said Anna from AEGEE-Zagreb.

A few weeks after the event, the Facebook group is still very active,  they still share opinions, discuss about AEGEE and hope to see each other in a short period of time.

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca wish to see all of the participants, trainers in another big event, hopefully in our Summer University. All you need to do is to APPLY!

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