It’s our 24th Birthday!

On the wonderful day of 9 May, 1991, AEGEE Cluj-Napoca was born. This day is full of significance also because it is Europe’s Day. We like to think that the fact that we share this day is not a coincidence, especially because we also share some principles, like creating a border-less space, multi-cultural interaction between all the locals/cities, freedom of expression and personal development.

Since that day, AEGEE Cluj-Napoca went through a lot of changes, gathering unforgettable memories, organizing numerous events, forming and being formed by its dear members. Now that we are all grown up, we still cherish all the little things that made us what we are, strive for more and try to handle even with more maturity the challenges ahead us. That doesn’t mean we won’t remain the enthusiastic, energetic and always up for a party local!

Furthermore, we want to thank all our partners, sponsors and members that helped us during all this time! Some of our beloved members and friends wanted to express their wishes for our 24th Birthday. Take a look at these amazing people:











We also wish them all the best, prosperity and                          lots of future projects together!

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