HRES 2013: Impressions

Human Resources European School is over, but here are some impressions from our participants:

Lucia Gavulová – HR&PR Responsible AEGEE-Bratislava
I heard about HRES from one of the trainers and I told myself – what an excellent opportunity! and Romania? Hm, never been there and I should ruin my stereotypes about that eastern country. I packed my stuff, grab my collegue, spent 11 hours in a train and we came.
It was exhausting, exciting, challenging, lovely, awesome week full of many amazing people, interesting workshops, long discussions and self-reflecting time to analyse what we do, what we need and where we should move on with our organisations. Thanks trainers to challenge us all the time and to very quickly and encouragingly adjusting sessions according to our expectations, 
I will always remind about this one spectacular week in September, from which I came completely ill and tired, with smile on my face and love in my heart…
Alicja Płaczkiewicz – ESN UG Gdańsk
My trip to Cluj was very long and exhausting so I was not in the best mood to start the training. It took me more than 10 hours to get there from Bucharest by train and at some point I thought that I will never arrive. 
That must have happened though because our life likes to surprise us and turn everything around. From the very first night we talked not about some superficial stuff but about some deep and complex issues. After a couple of days, I think I will not be the only one to say it, we all felt like we bonded really well and spent some amazing time together which proves the fact that we want to meet again, probably at New Year’s Eve. 
When it comes to the also very important part of the training – actual learning, I am very content about that as well. The trainers were well qualified and were able to bring out the best of us and pass the knowledge with success. For me, the best part were the practical workshops. Of course, the theory was very important as wel but I am glad that they did not forget about the practical side of the HR. What was enriching, I think for both sides, were the reflecion sessions where we could share our doubts and what we liked about the workshops and what they can improve on so we get the most of it.
The most important thing is, to conclude, that I left the fears to be flown away with the baloon that we were supposed to write in the beginning of the training course and took down the expectations because they were meet. I think that what matters.
All in all, it was an amazing event where I met some wonderful people, which inspired me to do more and that is what I am currently doing. Implementing.
Balázs Kovács – AEGEE-Debrecen
AEGEE’s European Schools are always extraordinary.
The trainers share invaluable knowledge, different points of view, experiences and best practices, yet the participants also gain a lot from each other while the organizers can prove again their outstanding skills. It is an intense and precious learning process for everyone involved.
This year’s HRES by AEGEE Cluj-Napoca was simply top-notch and it was one of my best AEGEE events so far.


Juraj Murcko – AEGEE-Bratislava 

I attended HR European School in Cluj Napoca in 2013 and it was very good experience. I got lot of inspiration and new ideas during this week. Now I have some ideas on how to improve the course of my organisation and how to work with our team to get the best possible results of our work. How to attract and get new members, how to motivate them to be active and organise activities and events. It was really good step I made to participate at HRES and I am sure I will see the results soon.

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